Times have certainly changed. 

When I took my first video production class, we were awed by the first generation of non-linear video editors.  In my case, it was a Media 100.  Remember those?  If not, don’t worry.  You’re hardly alone.  There are many NLE bodies strewn along the path to creativity.

While we use many different tools, Media 523 is primarily an Adobe CC production house.  The choice was an intentional one.  FCP X doesn’t offer enough flexibility.  Media Composer is flexible, but rooted in some antiquated techniques.  

Premiere integrates well with After Effects, which in turn integrates well with Photoshop.  It’s not a closed loop, but rather an infinitely flexible system that allows changes and choices to ripple throughout the various stages of production with minimal effort.

With that said, Adobe Rush– or something like it- is the future.

Rush’s goal is on-the-go editing.  Maybe that means that you’re working on your tablet.  Or maybe you’re even working on an edit on your phone.  It’s a new frontier where training videos can be produced entirely on an iPhone, or on an iPad.  This will allow content creators to deliver their work faster- to clients, to YouTube, to the world.  As phones advance (Red has already announced their high-end entry), the need for content will only continue to grow.

Other apps have dipped their toes in this market.  But none of them have Adobe’s substantial clout.

But is this a good thing? The producer in me is of two minds.  On one hand, this will continue to drive down production costs.  It will certainly empower more voices.  But on the other hand- I like to call this “passive” editing.  No one will focus on editing on their phones for long periods of time.  The work will become more sloppy, and the message will be lost.  Much of the work will plateau at “good enough.”

But for better or for worse, we must embrace this change.  To ignore it or dismiss it is fool-hearted.  What do you think?  Is this just the next step for video editors?  Or is this a tool that will be abandoned in short order.  How can you leverage this? Post a comment below and let us know!

Adobe Rush

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