Let’s face it – we aren’t all audio geeks.  It’s a specialized field for people gifted with perfect hearing and a head for technical minutiae… right?

But we still need all of our social media videos to sound terrific. Our customers expect it.

EQ and compression can help tremendously.

Here are some quick tips from Blue (maker of some of the world’s most distinctive microphones) covering how to properly use compressors in your favorite apps.

Click here to read Blue’s Compressor Basics

In case it wasn’t obvious, we’re big fans of Blue Microphones at Media 523!  We use Blue’s headphones for editing, and their microphones for voice over work.  If you want to hear their Baby Bottle mic in action, be sure to check out our short documentary, “The Fall of New Rome.”  That’s our own David Kuznicki providing the narration. 

David Kuznicki is a Senior Producer for Media 523.

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